Chapter in Palgrave Book on "Policy Capacity and Governance"

The Palgrave volume, Policy Capacity and Governance: Assessing Governmental Competences and Capabilities in Theory and Practice (Eds. Xun Wu; Howlett, Michael and Ramesh, M.), has now been published!

Together with Ellen Fobé, Marleen Brans (KU Leuven) and David Aubin (UCLouvain), I drafted a chapter on Sectoral Patterns in the Use of Policy Analytical Techniques.  

Chapter Abstract

In an exceedingly complex policy environment, uncertainties are abound, the availability of sound data is often limited and public pressure is high. In such a context, governments require policy workers that have the ability to access and apply different sorts of knowledge and various analytical techniques. The policy analytical capacity of individual policy workers situated inside or outside of the public sectoris generally considered a prerequisite for policies to be designed and implemented in an efficient and cost-effective way. Policy analysis is one of the core functional tasks in the policy process. This chapter investigates patterns in the application of policy analytical techniques by government officials. In particular, it examines the deployment of these techniques across different types of policy sectors in three subnational administrations in Belgium.