Concise bio

Since October 2015, I am an Assistant Professor in Public Administration and Public Policy at Leiden University's Institute of Public Administration, and member of the research group on Public Policy and Public Affairs.

My major research activities focus on issues as knowledge utilisation, evidence for policy, and policy advice in an era that tends to be characterized by both evidence-informed policy making and post factual politics. I have specialised in policy evaluation as one type of evidence and combine research about the politics of policy evaluation with applied evaluation research in various policy fields. In addition, I am involved in research projects about policy advice production and use within and outside the civil service (such as parliaments, think tanks and political party study centers).  Method-wise, I have developed a particular interest in configurational comparative methods.

In terms of teaching, I am currently lecturing the ‘Public Policy and Values’ course in the Master of Public Administration, and regularly provide training for civil servants on policy evaluation. As of September 2018, I also serve as Educational Director of Leiden University’s Bachelor in Public Administration.

 (c) Simon Koolwijk

(c) Simon Koolwijk

Prior to my appointment at Leiden University, I worked at KU Leuven (Belgium), where I occupied positions as programme co-ordinator of the international Master of European Politics and Policies at the Institute for International and European Policy; researcher, lecturer and evaluator at the Public Governance Institute; and doctor-coordinator of the Policy Research Center Governmental Organisation and Decisive Government (Steunpunt Bestuurlijke Organisatie Vlaanderen). 

In 2014 I completed my PhD, entitled: “Policy evaluation activity unravelled. A configurational analysis of the incidence, number, locus and quality of policy evaluations in the Flemish public sector”, which was shortlisted for the Jaarprijs Politicologie, the annual prize for the best PhD in political science defended in the Netherlands or Flanders.

My research has been published in a variety of peer-reviewed journals, including Evaluation; American Journal of Evaluation; Public Management Review; International Journal of Public Administration; Policy and Society; International Review of Administrative Sciences; and Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis.

Memberships, networks & advisory activities

I consider it important to engage with academic colleagues and practitioners on the themes of my research. As such, I actively participate in the following professional and academic organisations/networks:

Besides, I have been involved in a number of advisory activities for the Flemish and Dutch government and for international institutions such as OECD.

My full CV can be received upon request.